Securely encrypt sensitive information in Confluence - and retrieve it even in offline emergency situations

Encrypt content when editing a page

Easily highlight the content you need to protect, and encrypt it by entering an encryption password.

Viewing an encrypted block (non-QR mode)

When not decrypted, the encrypted block is clearly marked. By clicking "Click to decrypt", the content can be decrypted.

Viewing a decrypted block

When an encryption block has been decrypted, the raw information is shown.

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Crypto Released

2015-01-20 15:29:26 +0100 by Jacob Frydensberg Bank

We’re proud to announce the availability of Crypto for Atlassian Confluence, that enables the Confluence Editor (using a macro) to encrypt text on Confluence Pages, so that the information to be protected is never sent to the Confluence server.

Encrypted content can easily be identified on a Confluence page, and can easily be decrypted by entering the encryption password.

The plugin also features a QR Code system, so that when a page (which contains encrypted text) is printed, a QR Code replaces the encrypted text. The QR Code can be scanned e.g. by a mobile device, which opens a web service where the encrypted text can be decrypted client side. This is useful when your Confluence instance is unavailable.