How Do I Map a Network Share On macOS/OS X?

Given that you know the path of a network file share to mount on your computer, and that you have checked with your Infinidex/Confluence administrator what name it should have on your local computer, you can perform the following steps to mount a searchable network file share:

  1. Open Finder and choose Go > Connect to Server from the menu bar

  2. Fill in the server address e.g. for a Windows share use smb://windows-host/share-name or afp://apple-host/share-name for an Apple File Protocol (AFP) network share

  3. Fill in credentials (if necessary), add a checkmark for Remember this password in my keychain, and click “Connect”

  4. Open System Preferences > Users & Groups, choose your personal user, and open the Login Items pane

  5. Drag the connected network share to the Login Items pane and drop it in the list. Add a checkmark for Hide on your new login item (the mounted network share) to not have macOS automatically display a Finder window on every login

The mounted network file share is now accessible and will work with Infinidex.