How Do I Map a Network Share On Windows (As a Client)

Given that you know the path of a network file share to mount on your computer, and that you have checked with your Infinidex/Confluence administrator what name it should have on your local computer, you can perform the following steps to mount a searchable network file share:

  1. Open the Computer window by clicking Start > Computer (or by clicking the Start button, typing Computer, and pressing Enter)

  2. Click the Map Network Drive button on the toolbar. On Windows 8 and newer, right click the Computer icon and click Map Network Drive. The Map Network Drive window opens. SC1

  3. Select a drive letter for the network folder (that must match what has been configured for Infinidex by your Confluence Administrator)

  4. In the Folder input field, type (or browse and select) the location of the network folder

  5. Optionally check the Reconnect at logon, so that the network share is added every time the computer boots up.

  6. Click Finish

The mounted network file share is now accessible and will work with Infinidex.