Infinidex 2

The search appliance for your network shares that you always needed - embedded nice and simply within Confluence

Search across network shares (and Confluence)

Search and find documents across any connected network shares and Confluence-content

Intuitive search

Search results are shown within the well-known Confluence search results listing, making it easy for users to adopt

Admin Love

With a simple and powerful configuration interface, Infinidex plays well with your admin

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Infinidex 2 Released

2016-11-03 16:42:00 +0100 by Martin Aksel Jensen and Thomas Peter Berntsen

We’re proud to announce the availability of Infinidex 2.0 - the network file share search appliance for Atlassian Confluence!

Infinidex has been improved significantly, now offering tighter integration with Confluence and a better user experience when searching, discovering and opening content on network file shares from Confluence.

Infinidex is now also Data Center compatible, enabling it to be used by customers in mission-critical and high-load enterprise settings.

New Features in Infinidex 2

Unified Search Results Rendering

Now Infinidex and Confluence search results are unified in the Confluence search results listing.

Support for the Confluence Search and Live Search macros

Infinidex is now compatible with the Search and Live Search macros and shows search results in the macro output.

Infinidex is now compatible with the Quick Search and shows unified search results.

Improved Admin Interface

The admin interface has been improved to enable easier configuration of Infinidex.

Improved Documentation

The documentation of Infinidex has been improved, assisting users even more.

Data Center Compatibility

Infinidex is now compatible with Data Center.

Internationalization Support

Infinidex now supports a wide array of international characters in file names on indexed network shares.

Other improvements

Performance improvements, code refactoring, UI improvements, and more.

Want to know more about the functionality of Infinidex? Then go ahead and read more on Atlassian Marketplace.

Made with ♥️ by Daniel Max Nielsen, Martin Aksel Jensen, and Thomas Peter Berntsen